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Information for parents and dancers.

This page contains details for the Narnia cast.

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Rehearsal schedule

The rehearsal schedule is now online. See below.

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Missing an important handout from a parent meeting? You can find them here:

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Cast info

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The rehearsal schedule is available in PDF format. There are two files: The first file is the rehearsal schedule, listing the date and time each scene or dance is rehearsing; The second file is a list of scenes each role dances in. It is important to check which scenes your roles are in and highlight those rehearsals on the schedule so you don't miss any rehearsals. (Remember, because of our tight schedule, if you are absent from a rehearsal you may be cut from the dance.)

If the choreographers need to make any changes to the schedule we will post an updated schedule (with the date of the latest update listed on the bottom of each page), and we will send an email to let you know there is an updated schedule available online. In this way you can always be sure you have the most up-to-date schedule information.

Have a great season!

♦ 2015 Rehearsal Schedule - UPDATED October 3, 2015

♦ List of Scenes / Characters - UPDATED August 28, 2015

Upcoming rehearsals:

[updated October 3, 2015]

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Meetings and important dates

Two more parent meetings are required. Please make arrangements for an adult to come and represent your dancer at ALL of these meetings. Important information will be given at each meeting. If you are a dancer over the age of 18, you will still need to have a representative present for you at all meetings.

  • Sept 12th, 10am
  • Nov 14th, time TBD

Narnia 2015 important dates

Parent involvement is crucial to the success of Adventures in Narnia. Please mark these dates on your calendar and make sure you attend every meeting. Thank you!

  • July 18 - Epud car wash 9:00am
  • Aug 1 - Epud car wash 9:00am
  • Aug 8 - Epud car wash 9:00am
  • Aug 24 - Rehearsals begin
  • Sept 12 - Mandatory parent meeting, 10am
  • Oct 5 - Dancer souvenir order deadline
  • Oct 19 - Program advertising deadline
  • Nov 1 - Ticket go on sale online
  • Nov 14 - Mandatory parents meeting, time TBD
  • Nov 28 - Thanksgiving weekend - no rehearsal
  • Dec 6-11 Rehearsals at LCC - please don't make other plans
  • Dec 12-13 Show times Sat 1:00 & 6:00 Sun 4:00
  • Cast party date TBD

For additional parking at Hosanna during rehearsals and meetings, please use the overflow parking, located on the other side of the red barn INSIDE the white picket fence.

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Miscellaneous Info

Remember, the best ways to get answers to your questions are to check the website, then the cast facebook page, and if you still don't have an answer to email the board at

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